18 Jul - 8 Aug 2014
The Vadstena Academy Summer Opera Festival

The Silvership (Silverskeppet)
This year the Vadstena Academy celebrates its 50th anniversary! We have ordered a slightly unusual opera to celebrate the occasion – it is both new and old at the same time!

The story, which revolves about English women’s struggle predecessor and writer Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797), is written by Swedish playwright Sophie Helsing and promises to be a real adventure with love, business and travel across the seas – from Hull to Hamburg via a herring–scented Gothenburg and Norway’s dramatic cliffs. Mary Wollstonecraft is in search of a wrecked ship in revolutionary Europe, a daring mission indeed…

The story is new but the music is old. The conductor Jonas Dominique has selected the very best of Joseph Martin Kraus (1756-1792) music and created an opera. Instrumental music, symphonies, arias – in short, ” Best of Kraus ‘ has become vocal music and represents music drama of this exciting work titled ”The Silvership”.

Kraus has often been called ” the Swedish Mozart ” a title which many believe is an insult to both Mozart and Kraus – both equally great musical geniuses, one however better known. At Vadstena Academy we look very much forward to hearing the music of one of the greatest composers in Swedish music history while making his music more known.
A warm welcome!

The Silvership will be performed in Swedish.

Composer: Joseph Martin Kraus.
Arranger: Jonas Dominique.
Sophie Helsing.
Jonas Dominique.
Director: Elisabeth Linton.
Stage and Costume designer:
Julia Hansen.
Light designer: Ulrik Gad.
Choreographer: Clara Svärd.
Mask design: Katrin Wahlberg

“The Silvership” is played 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 29, 30 July, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 August at 19.00 hours!

Ensemble: Sibylle Glosted (soprano). Annie Fredriksson (mezzo soprano). Anna-Sara Åberg (mezzo soprano). Wiktor Sundqvist (tenor). Nils Gustén (bass).

Orchestra: 23 musicians.

Estimated length about 3 h including intermission.
Price: 350 SEK . Groups of 10 persons or more: 300 SEK.
From April 1st it is possible to buy tickets at www.vadstena-akademien.org
Groups: biljett@vadstena-akademien.org or call Eleonor Hjorth + 46 (0)8-545 51 880.

How to get there: By train to Mjölby or Motala, www.sj.se tel + 46 (0)771 75 75 75, and thereafter by bus to Vadstena. By car via motorway E4 and road no. 50.
Closest airport is Stockholm /Skavsta (RyanAir).
Vadstena is situated approximately 250 kilometers from Stockholm.

Tickets: www.vadstena-akademien.org
Would you rather call? Dial +46 455 61 97 00 to Nortic Callcenter.

Information and group bookings: Vadstena Academy, +46 (0)8 545 51 880, info@vadstena-akademien.org

Artistic Director Nils Spangenberg