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25 May - 19 Oct 2014
12 Jun - 20 Aug 2014
21 - 27 Jul 2014
23 Jul - 1 Aug 2014
26 Jul - 17 Aug 2014
22 - 30 Aug 2014
13 - 19 Oct 2014
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19 - 22 Nov 2014
5 - 8 Feb 2015
7 - 8 Aug 2015

Poznan - NEXT Festival Academy

Are you part of the next generation of artistic festival directors? Do you want to broaden your programming skills and be inspired by colleagues and experienced leaders in the field? The next Atelier for Young Festival Managers will take place from 20-27 October 2014 in Poznan, Poland. To give more passionate festival managers the chance to take part in the Atelier POZNAN 2014, The Festival Academy (initiative by the European Festivals Association) and the Malta Festival Poznan extend the deadline for the Call for Applications until 30 May 2014!

Political debate on Art 28 May

Under what conditions should the independent music life exist? Of the total public funding to music only 10% goes to the independent music community although half of the concert audience visit shows played outside the institutions. It is high time to reform music policy and ensure more diverse spending of public funds. This call "A musiclife for all!" want public funding of music to increase in order to double the resources for the independent music community, so that 30 percent of each music institutions resources can be be used to involve the independent music community.

Seminar for festivals managers

Along with Kulturkraft Stockholm and several other national associations and organizations, Swedish Music Festivals are organizing a seminar focusing on programming and collaboration. The seminar are mainly aimed at managers of the performing arts, working with festivals, concerts, clubs, theatres etc.. Sign up now! And come to the Alvik Folkets Hus on Saturday, May 24th from 10-17 hrs. This is a last minute call for those who have not yet registered.

Five new festival members 2014

Swedish Music Festivals grows to 42 members. Five festivals from Sundsvall in the north to Malmö in the south was granted membership during the year. Apart from Sundsvall and Malmö, two festivals are resident in Stockholm and one in Dalarna. The Royal Festivals is an experienced festival from 1970, who in 1988 co-founded our association. Also joining are a chamber music festival in Sundsvall, an opera festival in Dala-Floda, a folk and world music festival at Hesselby castle and a festival of contemporary music in Malmö.

New targets and a new board

At the annual meeting in Umeå 10-12 April 2014 the Association of Swedish Music Festivals widely discussed the association's work and decided a a set of revised targets . The board was expanded with two women and is for 2014-2015 composed of 9 members and 5 deputies from the festival world. The setting was the best possible: Umeå 2014 , European Capital of Culture , the host Norrlandsoperan with its vibrant cultural life, a conference focusing on the recent European study of festivals and young upcoming jazz with 12points Festival.