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Hilde Björkum - new President for Norway Festivals

At the General Assembly and member conference in Molde on February 12 to 13, the executive director of Förde Folk Music Festival, Hilde Björkum, was elected new chairman of Norway Festivals. She takes over from Svein Eriksen. Norway Festivals is a membership organization counting 75 art festivals in all genres in Norway. The purpose of the network is strengthen the position of festivals in Norway. Read more about Norway Festivals

The EFFE Label - what happens next?

We would like to thank all of the 896 festivals that applied for the EFFE Label. Festivals from 32 different countries programming various genres showed interest to be part of the EFFE Platform. From the applicant festivals, 71% program music, 40% dance, and 38% theater. Many other genres such as film, literature, photography and opera are also well represented in the applications.

The project "New Swedish music on festivals" continues

Swedish Music Festivals cooperation with the Association of Swedish Composers and STIM Promotion Board continues and expands in 2015. In the two previous years the partnership principally focused on the new Swedish music performed in the festivals in Sweden. From 2015 the extended cooperation include new Swedish music performed on festivals abroad. Member festivals are presently suggesting concert and production proposals liable for support. The Working Committee of Swedish Music Festivals takes decisions on 31st March. Deadline for applications is 15 March.

A new member joined Swedish Music Festivals

Isidor Hill Music Summit, organized by Huaröd Chamber Orchestra , which this year takes place on June 28 is another new member of the Association of Swedish Music Festivals. All festivals in Sweden in all areas of art can become a member. The association is committed to the development of the festival format and its position in Swedish cultural life and are working to make the art festival play a clear part in Swedish cultural policies.