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Halved membership fee for festivals 2015

The Association of Swedish Music festivals have, during spring and early summer, launched a new target document. The document describes the background to the changes, the vision, goals and a plan of activities for the coming years. To attract more music festivals, but eventually also festivals with other art forms SMF halved its membership fee from 2015 onwards. The measure is designed to broaden the base, but it also underline the festival format as a crucial carrier of art now and in the future.

New Swedish music on festivals

The collaboration between the Association of Swedish Music Festivals and the Swedish Society of Composers started as a trial project 2013. With the support of STIMs Promotionnämnd a number of festivals, artists and composer have also this year recieved support to programme new Swedish music on festivals. 2014 some 13 productions/concerts on 10 different festivals participate in the collaboration. The project is greatly appreciated by festivals, performes and composer. And we hope it will have a future in the coming years.

Audience development in public spaces

The Director of Swedish Music Festivals, Jan Ove Hafstad, held yesterday - August 14th -  yet another presentation on the European Study of Festivals: FESTudy, this time with emphasis on the festival audience. The study is based on data from 390 European festivals during 2008-2011, that was published in Lille, Kortrijk and Tournai in November 2013. The presentation took place in an open conference at the House of Culture in Stockholm, organised by INTERCULT in collaboration with the Stockholm Fringe Fest. The conference is part of the  EU-project RIVERS OF OPPORTUNITIES.

The unbound force

Sweden is behind the rest of Europe when it comes to recognizing the Festival as an important cultural carrier, says Peter Eriksson and Noomi Hedlund at the Association of Swedish Music Festivals. In an opinion article published in the music magazine OPUS, as we enter the festival summer of 2014, they describe the difficult situation for festival organizers in Sweden. Read the full article here on page: About SMF... (only in Swedish unfortunately)