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5 - 8 Feb 2015
12 - 17 Jun 2015
21 - 27 Jun 2015
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EFFE Festival Label - 6 days to go!

Last week Wednesday, December 3rd, 3500 users had registered on the webiste: 533 festivals in 28 European countries had submitted their applications. Among these 65 festivals were French, 26 Finnish and 21 Swedish. But between 60 and 100 Swedish festivals (users) had registered. That shows the possibility to reach 50 festivals in Sweden.

Music festival winns Gala-award

The 21st November saw the premiere of the Gods & Gårder-gala at the Nordic Museum and the Fair Grand Antiques. The festival Music in Castles and  Manor Houses in Sörmland got the price as the Event of the Year's while they celebrated 25 years since its inception. "Music in Castles and Manor Houses in Sörmländ offers concerts and performances of high quality in unique and beautiful cultural environments. Get to enjoy Mozart, Beethoven, Swedish jazz or contemporary compositions in the stately castles and mansions are an aesthetic experience in true Gods & Gårdar spirit! "

Umeå Jazzfestival was awarded IMPRA-GULD 2014

Umeå Jazz Festival continues to attract the top of the world jazz and improvisation. And of course, put a particular focus on artists from Europe during Umeå's Capital of Culture in 2014. Now the festival has also been awarded IMPRA-GOLD 2014! A prize wit the purpose to support and promote female jazz/improvisation/electronica/alternative musicians, especially because there is a significant shortage of them in these genres. Read more at IMPRA