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We celebrate European Day of Early Music

Welcome and celebrate European Day of Early Music 2014! On 21st March 2014, the second edition of the European Day of Early Music will be celebrated all over Europe. LIVE on web TV! In Stockholm we celebrate the day on Stockholm Central Train Station from 10 to late afternoon. While the first edition of this celebration in 2013 was supported by Androulla Vassiliou, EU Commissioner for Culture, the 2014 event will be under the patronnage of UNESCO.

A one-time opportunity for festival managers

On April 7 Kulturkraft Stockholm have engaged James Waters from Festivals and Events International (FEI) to launch a 3-Day seminar especially for festival managers. James was Associate Festival Director of the Edinburgh International Festival from 1992 to 2006 where he worked with Sir Brian McMaster to devise and implement the Festival’s annual programme. As FEI director he assisted with programming and delivery of the London 2012 Festival, the largest cultural festival ever staged in the UK, celebrating the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Årsmötet 2014

The European Capital of Culture Umeå2014 is hosting Swedish Music Festivals conference and annual meeting 10-12 april. Not only is Umeå the northernmost capital of culture ever, but Norrlandsoperan also celebrates 40 years! It's alltogether a great UmeFest we going to! We meet on 10 april for food and mingle, spend the whole day on april 11 in a conference with Europe at the Centre: European study of festivals and European capitals ocf culture, and end with the annual meeting 12 April! And then not to forget: jazz! 12 Points Festival, every night!

10% is not enough

Yesterday, Swedish Television News published that the call for increased state funding of the independent music scene continues. In an interview, following the call named A musical life for all!, Swedish minister for Culture, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, says that 10 percent of the state's allocation to music will suffice to the free music community, despite the fact that professional organizers and groups outside the institutions reaches half of the music audience in Sweden.

NordicBaltic festivals met in Riga

The fifth meeting of Nordic and Baltic Festivals took place in the European Capital of Culture Riga 2014, supported by the Nordic Culture Fund. Swedish Music Festivals and NordicBaltic Festival Platform organised a seminar 4 March on FESTudy, the European study on festivals, and attended the 2nd Classic NordicBaltic, 5-6 March. All participants were invited to attend the 20th anniversary of the Great Latvian Award on 4 March.